CHLS Class of 61's 50th Reunion

On September 17, 2011, 100 classmates and significant others came together to celebrate our 50th high school reunion. It was a milestone event and was enjoyed by all. As usual, the banquet was terrific with great food, wonderful music and dancing by all. The hospitality suite was a busy place Friday night, all day Saturday and well into the night after the banquet.

Joe Lewis, Mary Ann Perry Lewis' husband, put together an amazing video of the evening. Just click on the video tab and be prepared to relive the experience if you were there. As you will quickly see it was a well-organized event with full participation by all. Many young people passing by the function room that evening wanted to join the party. They loved the music and hoped that they will have as much fun as we were having when they celebrate their 50th. We are very lucky to have Sonny Ciccia as our DJ. He knows exactly what music our classmates enjoy and triggers lots of memories of that special time and place we shared as teenagers, which comes through very clearly in the video.

The committee outdid itself this time with some incredible gifts for the attendees. First, we gave each attendee a Class of 61 t-shirt we had designed with art work specific to our class. It is a very clever and unique design intended rekindle memories of growing up in Cambridge and attending CHLS. Everyone liked the t-shirts very much with some put them on that evening. They are very special and unique remembrance. Also, for each classmate, we had a maroon windbreaker with "CLHS" embroidered on the front. No, that is not typo error but it is an embroidery error. Unfortunately, the embroiderer mistakenly reversed two letters. Outside of the wearer no one else should notice the mistake. Rather than reordering and then delaying getting them to everyone including mailing them to each classmate we decided to give them out - another unique remembrance. Finally, we presented each attendee with a set of coasters with "CHLS 50th Class Reunion" in gold. We'll be posting pictures from the reunion shortly which includes pictures of each of these wonderful gifts.

We want to once again thank Rosie Quintal Santosuosso for providing an incredible cake for the event. It was very special and is hard to describe. You can see the cake in the video and in the pictures we'll be adding.

If you have some pictures from the reunion you would like to share with us and that we can post on the website please let us know and we'll arrange getting them from you.

If you were unable to attend the reunion, we missed you, and hope you enjoy the video and pictures.

As the evening was ending many of our classmates thanked the committee for organizing this special reunion and declared this was one of the best.

The CHLS Class of 61 Reunion Committee wants to thank everyone who attended the reunion for their support and participation that made the evening and weekend such a success.

Warmest wishes from the CHLS Class of 61 Reunion Committee:

Frank Buda
Marie D'Alba DeVellis
Mary Ann Perry Lewis
Paul Sullivan
Joanne Totino

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If you have any questions or would like to forward any photos, documents or information that may help the 50th reunion please feel free to email(See EMail Tab) or mail:

CHLS Class of 61 , 5 Ballister Street, Unit 542, Wakefield, MA 01880.

We are going to make this the best reunion ever and we will be keeping you updated through the year.

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